Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iron Man 2 - Chris Kawagiwa interview about the Stark Expo scene

Chris Kawagiwa: "Jon Favreau was indeed on the set. There was a lot of preparation work that happened before we actually saw him on the main stage because there were complicated crane shots for the camera and also pyrotechnics.
Favreau had the contant appearance of someone with focus and knowing what he wanted. At the end of the shoot, he took some moments on stage to personally thank the entire crowd of extras for their hard work and enthusiasm as actors and fans. I thought it was great that he took the opportunity to say a few words with the same sincere excitement of a fan but still with the assured drive of a director.
Robert Downey Jr. came in after his stand-in and the costumed stuntman set up the blocking for the camera shots. Between some scenes, we saw him kneeling and talking to a young boy (perhaps one of the crew's kids). He was amiable, looking very relaxed on center stage even between takes and had a charming air about him just like his screen character.
There was a long speech he had to do about the character's father and the future of Stark Industries. As we heard this after so many takes, you could see him handle it with more ease and ad-libbing small details with some of his own humor.
The Stark Expo scenes in Iron Man 2 were at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, California. It was a real pleasure getting to see these players in person and appreciate how much work it takes to get just a few minutes of action on the movie screen."

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