Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iron Man 2 viral: Stark Expo

Ever since Stark Industries started accepting job applications last July, we've been waiting for an Iron Man 2 viral to kick off. Although this new website isn't necessarily connected to that original site, it looks like this is the only big viral element of Iron Man 2's online marketing campaign that we'll see. A brand new website for the Stark Expo 2010 has launched at and it contains some pretty nifty photos, graphics, and a plenty more. There's a little bit of interactivity and it's pretty cool to check out, but besides that I don't think this leads to any other viral websites or anything else exciting. Read on for more details.

The site says the opening date is May 7th, 2010 which is not-so-coincidentally the same day Iron Man 2 arrives in theaters nationwide. There's a fairly awesome gallery of photos (rather, concept art images) if you click on the may box in the middle of the site. And there's also a teaser video and interactive 3D map of the expo area for those of you planning out where you're going to spend time once you get inside. If only they were actually planning on opening this expo for real, that would be awesome. Sadly, I think this website is just a virtual tie-in to the expo in the movie, which we're guessing plays a very important part in the plot.

Here a Tony's memo:

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