Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Iron Man 2: Tony and Pepper's Attraction on a featurette!

Beside the sneak peek video which explains the close relationship between the boss and his employee, there are also new pictures from the film, capturing Pepper Potts and Black Widow.

New Iron Man 2 Featurette:

The countdown to 'Iron Man 2' is on! Mickey Rourke's Whiplash may be the heavy of the new movie, in theaters May 7, but some might say it's the Pepper Potts-Tony Stark subplot that sizzles!

"Tony is kind of not fully acknowledging that although Pepper is his professional employee, that there's something there that he will never find with anyone else," Robert Downey Jr. explains of his and Gwyneth Paltrow's characters. "It's great because she and I get to be at our best when we're shooting a scene together."

"You know, everybody in the audience is like, 'Why don't they just drop it all, because they clearly both adore each other,'" says director Jon Favreau.

"Pepper and Tony are very much in their same vibe -- that great bantery, good chemistry kind of thing," says Gwyneth, adding, "This time for the sequel it was like putting on an old pair of shoes. It was great."

Favreau agrees. "Gwyneth and Robert have tremendous chemistry, and they really play well off each other," he says. "There's a tremendous affection there."

Watch ET for more with the stars of 'Iron Man 2'!

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