Saturday, April 10, 2010

Robert Downey Jr on his wife Susan

Robert Downey Jr has said that his marriage to film producer Susan Levin is "fantastic".

Speaking to The Independent, Downey revealed that he credits his wife with helping him stay off drugs.

"I don't joke when I say she is my better half. She truly is," the 44-year-old explained.

He added: "I cannot believe what a fantastic life I have today… I can't ever imagine a life before her. I've certainly come to believe that Mrs Downey and I together are definitely better than me alone or me and anybody else."

Then he said that he loves working with his wife, admiting he struggles more on movie sets if his spouse isn’t there because they enjoy getting the chance to “escape” together.

He said: “We love working together. It’s hard not to work together and, believe me, I know my place.

“Making movies is so energy and time-consuming that it takes you away from your real life for big chunks of time and, so, I get to escape with her as opposed to from her.”

The ‘Iron Man’ star also claimed having a wife who works in the movie industry has helped him understand how much of a “creep” he can be.

He added: “Because I’m married to a producer, I’m also kind of being given an education into what it’s like to manage a bunch of creeps like me, and what it actually takes to get something done.”


  1. Mr. Downey. I loveeeeeeeeeee you so much. Since Johnny Be Good and Weird Science to Natural Born Killer and now Sherlock Holmes I love you. I loved you then and I love you now and forever. My God above continue to shine down his many blessing upon you. I thank him for sending you someone to lean on and to assist you in becoming the man you were always destined to be. I pray that you continue to be encouraged and know that there is someone above watching over and loving you.
    If you are not a religious person, no worries, I will be that for you. Congrats on all your continued success!
    From truly one of your biggest fans.
    Shaniqua Nicole.

  2. This is a great website! I too really love Robert Downey Jr. and I am so glad that God blessed him with a wonderful wife. I can only hope that when I get married someday I get a guy as hot and charismatic as him!

  3. i'm so in love with him.....i adore him....

  4. you are my most favorite actor after sherlock holmes and iron i even admire you most. i am very happy you have a wife like susan in your life you are a very talented actor and very funny. your movies are fun to watch. i think we all can say we are happy you change with the help of your lovely wife. may god bless you both and your family.

    your loving fan.