Friday, May 14, 2010

Robert Downey Jr and Anthony Hopkins together on and off screen!

Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Hopkins are joining forces both on and off screen! ET caught up with the comic book movie stars as Hopkins and his wife Stella were honored with a 2010 Golden Heart Award for their commitment to the homeless.

Hopkins and Downey Jr. will most likely be appearing together in the superhero film 'The Avengers.' "He's 'Iron Man,' I'm God," Hopkins, who plays Odin in the movie 'Thor,' says of their comic book roles. Downey Jr. discloses about his and Hopkins' characters, "We will sooner or later be crossing paths one way or another."

As for the success of 'Iron Man 2,' Downey Jr. tells ET, "I try not to be too pleased about money, but it just shows me that we did a good enough job that people enjoyed the movie."

As for the future of 'Iron Man,' the actor reveals, "I think we'll do 'Avengers' and then 'Iron Man 3.'"

Hopkins was the real life hero of the night, being recognized for his passion to help the homeless and the Midnight Mission organization. Downey Jr. says of the star, "Tony has always been a strong, positive influence on me."

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