Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tony Stark is one of the 10 greatest "fictional" inventors of all time

Tony Stark

Who: Tony Stark, a wealthy industrialist whose expertise in engineering is matched only by his lovable sass. Greatest invention: The Iron Man Armor, a weapon-laden exoskeleton first conceived during his time spent in captivity at the hands of a terrorist organization in Afghanistan. Though, many versions of the Iron Man Armor were created, the are defined by palm-embedded repulsors and jet-boots, effectively allowing Stark to fly. Later, more advanced iterations of Stark's armor wer
e powered by a high-yield arc reactor.

The others are: Q, Dr. Robotnik, Doc Brown, Brain, Wayne Szalinski, Dr. Horrible, Jigsaw, Professor Lucifer Gongorzola Butts and Tom swift.


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