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Shane Mahan on " How Iron Man 2 suit was made"

How did you get involved with in the movie?

I worked with [director] Jon Favreau on 'Zathura,' and because we had a pretty good experience on that film, there was a natural progression. Much to Jon's credit, he really pushed to have us. Marvel was a little on the fence about it -- but that's okay.

Why was Marvel hesitant?

That's how it goes; they're very cautious. Since [the suit] was really the star of the movie -- as opposed to just Robert Downey Jr. -- that was really the philosophy behind it.

How much did you draw or diverge from the original source material with your designs?

Jon Favreau and Marvel were very conscious of the fan base, which is huge. One thing they did was they hired one of Marvel's current artists, Adi Granov, and he would take the designs and add his touch to it. So there really was this sense of the comic book solidly throughout in terms of colors and shapes. Ultimately, I think if you look at the final designs, they're very similar to the earlier designs.

Were there any specific hurdles you faced in designing the suits and 'Iron Man 2' effects that were unique to these films?

The suits were actually sculpted in the computer, as opposed to being sculpted over a body form in clay, which would have been the more traditional way to do it. I think that that was very innovative. Maybe it's becoming more common, but [computer sculpting] gave it such a great, machine-like quality. The precision was perfect, like an automobile.

Is there an actual suit that Robert Downey and later, Don Cheadle, put on? Can you describe what it's made out of?

We had 10 sittings to get Robert's input and ideas, which are vast. None of us want to make his life miserable on set -- he should be having a good time in that suit. That's important, so we work very hard to make the materials lighter, to go on quicker, because to get through 14 hours a day of filming, you've got to make sure everyone's comfortable and can do their best performance. You don't want them to be in agony wearing a suit that feels like a boat anchor. I think the second film was a really good accomplishment of making the suit more precise.
How much did it weigh?

It was only a half suit -- from the waist up. I think we weighed it in at about 13 pounds. The [suit in] the first film was about 85 pounds.

So the bottom of the suit is animated?

The bottom is digital. It works best [if the character] is 6-foot-5. The proportions are going to [match that]. So the best thing to do -- and that's for Don Cheadle, too -- is a hybrid approach. The upper suit is real for most of those shots. Then they bridged the legs on digitally.

Was there a cohesive visual mission, going into the second 'Iron Man,' that had evolved?

The mission, from our perspective, was to be more effective, to shoot more, to get more action sequences. Because this movie is about [Iron Man's] suit -- you really wanted to make as much of an impact as possible. It was still a big experiment. I didn't know how was going to be in, or how much would be gutted out. But it didn't really matter because we built the prototype suit, and that's what drives all the digital work, as well. That always feels good. It's like the dinosaurs in 'Jurassic Park.' We sculpted those original dinosaurs and they're replicated digitally -- but they still represent what you've done.

You've been doing effects for movies for nearly three decades. How has the field changed since you started out?

Technically speaking, the work is more sophisticated. I've seen the films go from being thought of as B-grade horror, sci-fi fun to huge, box-office-draw movies. The aspect of the business itself, in terms of the respect level that science fiction or comic-book movies or horror films get -- now they're in a number one position. Which is interesting. We used to be Saturday afternoon [fare]. Now it's 'Avatar,' it's 'Iron Man' that are pretty essential.

Can you give us a hint about your next movie, 'Cowboys & Aliens'? What it's going to be like?

I can just tell you it's going to be great. It is based on a comic book, though -- so for those who really want to dig deep, you can find out what it's all about. But I'm not at liberty to discuss. But it's just like how the title sounds.

The Avengers news: Joss Whedon talks

Joss Whedon  tells SFX (via MTV News) there are "stipulations and restrictions" in what he can do with the characters, but his voice will be a part of the final film. "Kevin Feige is very active as a producer and worked with me a lot on the story, but they are absolutely honouring the fact that this is my film. What I kind of think ultimately defines Marvel Studios  was the first thing they did and that was cast Robert Downey Jr. They said, 'What if we got great actors and let them have some time to be the people they're supposed to be instead of going through the paces of hitting this mark and that mark?' They don't always get it right, but nobody does. But if you look at who they already had, and who they allowed me to add to the cast, they are thinking about the integrity of the characters."

Another Iron Man 2 clip... this time is all about Sam Rockwell!

Now we know who's gonna be Moriaty in Sherlock Holmes 2!

Jared Harris, who is perhaps best known for his current work on AMC’s “Mad Men,” will portray classic literary villain Moriarty in Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow's “Sherlock Holmes 2.
Latino Review unearthed the exclusive on Moriarty, whose character in the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a criminal mastermind and surreptitiously oversees a criminal empire.
Harris is almost on the opposite spectrum of who the studio had initially been eying as Moriarty, with Brad Pitt, Daniel Day Lewis and Sean Penn on the short list.
“Holmes 2” is now in full blown casting mode, with Harris boarding days after fellow Brit actor Stephen Fry came on as Holmes’ brother Mycroft Holmes, and a couple of weeks after Noomi Rapace, the Swedish star of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,”  signed on as the female lead.
Robert Downey Jr. is returning as Holmes and Jude Law is reprising Dr. Watson in the pic, which is scheduled to be released December 16, 2011. Guy Ritchie is back as director while Joel Silver, Lionel Wigram, Susan Downey and Dan Lin return as producers.
In addition to “Mad Men,” Harris appeared in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Extraordinary Measure,” and had a run on TV’s Fringe.
He is repped by Paradigm, Gateway Management, and UK’s Independent Talent Group.

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Photos from the set of the upcoming movie 'Due Date'

A real-life 'Iron Man' suit

Wearing the suit is actor Clark Gregg, 
who playsAgent Phil Coulsen in the 
"Iron Man" movies.

To celebrate the release of the hit film "Iron Man 2" on DVD and Blu-ray, engineers at the Salt Lake City, Utah, facilities of defense contractor Raytheon Sarcos have unveiled images showcasing a real-life exoskeleton very much like the one featured in the movies. The suit is called the XOS 2.

Why go admire the exoskeleton worn by Tony Stark--played by Robert Downey, Jr.--in the "Iron Man" movies when you could wear a real-life version reminiscent of the films' special suit yourself?
That's the proposition being put forward by defense contractor Raytheon Sarcos, which today unveiled imagery of its XOS 2 wearable exoskeleton, a suit it says could allow the wearer to lift 200 pounds hundreds of times without getting fatigued, or to maintain superhuman levels of strength, agility, and endurance.
The XOS 2 is made with a wide variety of controllers, sensors, and actuators.
The suit, which was designed for military use, could see field deployment in as little as five years, Raytheon said. Imagery of the XOS 2 was released today as part of a promotion for tomorrow's release of DVD and Blu-Ray versions of "Iron Man 2."

Read more:

FX Supervisor Shane Mahan On Iron Man 3 and Avengers

On How The Iron Man Suit Might Change Between Iron Man 2 And The Avengers:

" I think we need to take one film at a time. The concepts and the story and the things that go on in the minds of the Marvel brass, which are a very clever group of people, they really take their time in developing each story point out."

"So in The Avengers, in my opinion, it could be any one of Tony's suits you could put on. It's basically just trying to get him to be a part of The Avengers that is interesting. Tony Stark is the kind of guy that invents and has secret inventions all of the time. So I think the charm of his character is that he has stuff they don't even know about."

On How The Suit Might Progress In Iron Man 3:

"I really do not know. Even if I did there's a raygun pointed at my head and it will actually blow me to atoms if I were to say anything. What are the options? You've got things that might go to space. I think a space suit might be kind of interesting. I actually would go through an archive of the story points of the comic and kind of see what I want. The great thing about Marvel is that for the fans, all of the answers are in the comic books. For people who read the comics, they'll pretty much get all of the goodies in there."

Garry Shandling on working with RDJ in Iron Man 2

Garry Shandling, who plays US Senator at the beginning of the Iron Man sequel, spoke about Robert Downey Jr:

"He’s unbelievable," the actor said when asked what it was like to work with Robert Downey Jr"He is so fast, funny and facile at playing in the moment. That is very, very special, and that’s exactly where I like to be."  

He also said:
"I liked to improvise and he likes to improvise and Jon said that was fine as long as we gave him the story. So what was a five-page scene turned into a 15-page scene."

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Stephen Fry will play Mycroft in Sherlock Holmes 2

After the news that Noomi Rapace will play a French gypsy, now the famous Stephen Fry has revealed that he will play Mycroft Holmes in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel. The actor told Five Live's Danny Baker that he has been cast opposite Robert Downey Jr as the older brother of the Baker Street detective.

"I'm playing Mycroft in the sequel to the Sherlock Holmes film Guy Ritchie directed with Robert Downey Jr," he said.

"That sort of part (Sherlock Holmes) is fun, but just once in a while to play a genuine all-round sort of lead figure with complexity and tragedy and wit and all the sort of things that Oscar [Wilde] had was a once-in-a-lifeftime thrill," Fry added.

Downey Jr and Jude Law will return for the Sherlock Holmes 2.
The movie is due to film this year for a December 16, 2011 release.

The only character who remain is Moriarty... guess who will play the role?

Due Date: 4 new Posters

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6 all new extras for Iron Man 2 DVD and Blu-Ray!

Iron Man Recap:

Scarlett Johansson Training:

Senate Cast:

Sequel Expectations:

Hallway Fight:

The Tone:

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Iron Man 2 Alternative Opening *EXCLUSIVE!*

Teaser photo of Robert Downey Jr from Playboy

Robert Downey Jr teaser photo in the this month's Playboy.
(An interview will come out on the next month on the same magazine)

Kevin Feige talks about Iron Man 2 and next Marvel projects

Last interview of Kevin Feige about IM2 extra on Blu-Ray and DVD:

Q: As you were filming "Iron Man 2", did you think about certain extras you wanted to see on the Blu-ray?
Kevin Feige:
 The S.H.I.E.L.D. Data Vault goes back to a discussion we had during "Iron Man 1" and was something we knew we wanted to include on "Iron Man 2". The documentary was something else we planned from the beginning. As you can tell, Jon was very open to having cameras on set and sharing the process with the fans. We had the great Sean Ricigliano following him with a camera at every turn.

Q: Is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Vault intended to be an evolving feature on "Iron Man 2" via BD-Live or will more robust versions of the Vault appear on "Thor" and "Captain America" next fall?
 One of the great things about Blu-ray technology is the ability to expand and update the content via BD-Live and that's certainly part of our discussion. We've had fun discussions about how to expand this experience on future releases, but clearly we need to wait and see how it is received on this release.

Q: What limits have you stretched of what the Iron Man 2 blu-ray experience of the film can be?
 With more disc space we were able to offer the long form documentary, and superb video and audio quality, as well as the multiple viewing modes, allowing viewers the choice of how deep they want to delve into the extra content.

Q: Will there be upcoming BD-Live rewards such as "Thor" and "Captain America" footage for "Iron Man 2" Blu-ray owners?
 For the first time it's exciting that BD-Live can be part of the discussions for marketing our upcoming movies.
Q: You have some awesome movies under your belt, how will you keep Marvel stories fresh and alive?
 We have the incredibly unfair advantage of almost 70 years of material, all of which has been revamped and refreshed over the decades in comic book form. Our job is to look at the rich history of these characters and pick the best stories to tell.

Q: More an observation than a question. I watched the IM2 Blu-ray bonus features last night and applaud the Ultimate Iron Man documentary that does not require flipping through 10 different 2-minute featurettes to get a flavor for the making-of. Hope to see a similar approach taken on future Marvel Studios live-action film home video releases.
 That's something we focused on a lot and something that Jon and I thought was very important. In many respects we're fans first and tried to put on the disc the kinds of things we would want to see.

Q: Can you talk about the balance between real effects and CGI ... how critical is that to the success of a superhero film?
 The combination of practical and visual effects is very important. Jon is very sensitive to shots in which the camera work is done at impossible speeds and impossible angles. Our CGI vendors became very astute at what we call 'favreauvean' shots which contain those imperfections that make even a full CGI shot seem practical.

Q: What's is like to orchestra such a large group of talent and personalities?
 While it can be challenging at times, it is ultimately extremely rewarding and the only way I like to work. The more talented people you're surrounded by, the better the product turns out.

Q: What is your favorite Iron Man suit and what did you want to see with the suit for "Iron Man 2"?
 The suitcase suit is the thing we are most proud of and was the very first new suit we discussed... because it was right out of the books and because at the time we had no idea how we were going to pull it off. It's a testament to the great work of designer Ryan Meinerding and the designers at D-neg that it became this film's showcase suit and is on the cover of the Blu-ray.

Q: Jon Favreau mentioned that Mickey Rourke spent time in a Russian prison to research his role. What did you think when you heard that?
 I was glad he didn't ask us about it, because I'm not sure we would have let him, but he did pick up some great ideas about his character, particularly his tattoos and his wardrobe.

Q: What was the decision process that made you decide against that alternate opening?
 That's a good question. We debated back and forth for a very long time. While we liked the notion of starting off with our hero in an unexpected manner, ultimately Jon felt it was best to see Tony first revealed on the Stark Expo stage.

Q: What were some of the avenues and challenges the final moment of the first film set up that were different from what we've seen in other super hero films?
The 'I am Iron Man' moment at the end of "Iron Man 1" was intended to be the perfect finale to that story, whether there was a sequel or not. We knew we were locking ourselves into avoiding any secret identity plots in subsequent movies, which we were okay with because the secret identity trope was never part of what made Iron Man interesting.

Q: Have you guys been influenced by the look and feel of mobile devices interfaces such as the iPhone or Palm's webOS when designing Tony's gadgets and tech interface, as well as the extras on the discs?
All of us involved in the Iron Man franchise are early adopters when it comes to those kinds of gadgets. After "Iron Man 1" I think the influence went both ways. Which we see as a high compliment.

Q: Can you talk a bit about the Easter Eggs on the "Iron Man 2" release, specifically the connections to other Marvel Studios characters?
 The fun thing about Easter Eggs is letting people discover them themselves, and while many have been discussed already, there are others still waiting to be found and many that may not become clear until you see our future releases.

Q: How important do you think a character having a flaw is? How big should that flaw be?
 When it comes to larger than life characters like our Marvel super heroes a flaw is what makes them human and is their most important aspect. We can push that flaw as far as we can, just short of puking into a toilet.

Q: How hands on are you with the Marvel films when they are in production? For example, are you active on the "Captain America" set right now and taking a little "break" for this roundtable? Or do you more watch and provide feedback from afar?
 I'm as active as my schedule allows. I just returned from being in the UK for three and a half months on Cap, and have returned to Los Angeles for "Thor" editorial and of course for this round table.

Q: Sam Rockwell is an uncommon talent. Any anecdotes to share about his work process or elements he brought to the film?
 To quote Senator Stern, Sam Rockwell is a national treasure. Every choice and decision he makes adds to the character and makes the movie better. For example, check out his orange hands in the hanger scene, that was his choice. People kept trying to color correct it, and Jon constantly had to protect Sam's choice.

Q: Much of the history of Iron Man comics was combed for these films, how much has Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man series has been considered for material since it is the most contemporary story yet? 
 We're huge fans of the Fraction run. It was a big part of our discussions for part 2, and continues to be part of our conversations of how the character will be moving forward.

Q: Why did you decide to drop the scene where Natasha shoots Iron Man's cast?
 We were always big fans of that scene and it played a big part in the trailers, but ultimately we decided it went against her character to seemingly push Tony to be so irresponsible with his tech.

Q: When it comes to extras, how much are you motivated by looking at what you've done before and what other discs have done and trying to top them?
 It's been two years since we released a Blu-ray and we spent a lot of time looking at what other discs have done successfully, particularly Paramount's releases of the great "Star Trek" and "Transformers 2" Blu-rays.

Q: How do you decide on which deleted scenes to include in the DVD?
 We included the ones that we always liked but that didn't work within the movie.
Q: Has there been any more talk of a Black Widow solo movie?
We've already started discussions with Scarlett about the idea of a solo movie and have begun putting together concepts, but "The Avengers" comes first.
Q: What led to the casting of Garry Shandling?
 Co-producer of "Captain America" Stephen Broussard saw him on an episode of Tavis Smiley, and told his idea to Jeremy Latcham the co-producer of "Iron Man 2", who brought it up to Jon Favreau, who called Garry literally on the spot.

Q: Comic-con proved very fruitful for the Iron Man and other Marvel franchises. Can you offer a flavor of what to expect from Marvel at the next Comic-con San Diego?
 We were very pleased and proud of the booth and panel we had at this year's Con. It's too early to start thinking about it, but we are trying to figure out if we can get the Aircraft Carrier stationed down there to hover above the convention center.

Q: Tony Stark's pet peeve of "handing him things" is brought up a lot more in the second one, is there a reason for that?
 In keeping with the Tony Stark parallels to Howard Hughes and his eccentricities, it felt like a fun touch.

Q: Which extra features do you think will provide the most surprises for hardcore Iron Man fans?
The documentary and the S.H.I.E.L.D. viewer are filled with great content. And stay vigilant, there is stuff buried even deeper for more hardcore fans.

Q: Could you discuss the involvement of Kyle Cooper and Prologue for the credit sequences and virtual interface for Tony Stark? Did that evolve out of new concept, from the 90's Iron Man Comics or from "Star Trek"?
 We've had a long relationship with Kyle and Prologue as they've done great title work for us over the years. As they moved into VFX, we were proud to be a part of that. The holographic floor in "Iron Man 2" is an expansion of the table top tech we established in "Iron Man 1".

Q: Do you see a strong need to key your ear to the coming technology in BD or 3D?
 We need to keep on top of advancements in every technical arena in order to provide the best movie watching experiences.
Q: One of the cool things about building a library of Marvel Universe films seems like it's the home double, triple (or more) feature. Are there any features that streamline that experience, or suggest what order to watch the films in?
 We produced the movies to be watched in the order they were released, but as it has already been pointed out in screen grabs online, there are clues in "Iron Man 2" that point to where "The Incredible Hulk" falls in the Marvel cinematic chronology.

Q: What were some of the biggest production challenges that you faced while filming "Iron Man 2"?
 The Monaco sequence was one that provided the most concern for us in preproduction. The limitations of taking a full crew overseas and getting access to the track initially made it seem undoable. But the hard work of our physical production team, and particularly how strongly Favreau stuck to his guns and his ability to charm the Prince, gained us unprecedented access and earned us one of the best scenes in a Marvel film to date.
Q: What are some of the "Iron Man 2" features that ended up on the cutting room floor and would they ever be offered up in a different form like online or new release?
 While we believe the best stuff ended up on the disc, there are a few sequences that were abandoned early on and are very unfinished... but could find their way onto a 50th anniversary edition ;)

Q: Kevin, what's your personal take on this upcoming generation settling to see big movies on small screens such as an iPhone or iPad, while missing out on the high def video AND audio blu-ray offers?
 When a consumer buys a movie they should be able to watch it on any device they want, but clearly a theatrical or big screen experience is always best. Check out David Lynch's response.

Q: What can/will you tease about the coming Marvel movies, "Thor", "Captain America" & "The Avengers"? 
 As usual, I'm not going to tease much, but I will say that it's incredibly exciting to be back in the mode of introducing characters to the audience for the first time as we did with "Iron Man" in 2008. I think that moviegoers are in for a big surprise when more of "Thor" and "Captain America" is revealed in the coming months.

Q: Kevin, any final thoughts as we wrap up this virtual roundtable for Iron Man 2?
 Thanks for the opportunity. It's always fun to delve back into a project a few months after release. I'm glad people are responding so well. A lot of hard work from a lot of talented people went into the disc, and I'm looking forward to people experiencing the numerous layers and features that the Blu-ray has to offer.

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Catch your Limited Edition of Iron Man 2!

On September 28 DVDs and Blu-Ray of IM2 are going to hit stores!

Only at Target and, you’ll find the exclusive Blu-ray Combo metal case.  This exclusive metal case holds all 3 discs and is packed with these features:

-Limited Edition of 30,000

-Each case is individually numbered, with printing stamped into the metal on the top right corner
-3D Lenticular cover image features the MACH-IV Iron Man suit
-Interior image is Target’s exclusive image of Tony Stark’s “Hall of Armor”
-The back of the case includes both Iron Man and War Machine
-Blu-ray sized metal case, from MetalPak, holds all 3 discs

So.... what are you waiting for?
Get you're limited edition of Iron Man 2!

Go here:

New project for RDJ?

- Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly interested in starring in the The $40,000 Man.  The film was written by Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World) and re-written by John Francis Daley (Horrible Bosses) and is about “a legendary astronaut and ‘true American hero,’ who is horribly injured in a car crash and is rebuilt by the government to be a bionic man but on a budget of $40,000 – which makes him not that bionic.”  I’m particularly curious about Downey’s interest in this project since the role sounds like Iron Man but with crappy powers.


Good Hollywood comebacks

According to Robert Downey jr is one of the good comebacks... He's at the 3rd place of the list and the blog report this:

"In retrospect, Robert Downey Jr. never really went away. His fame and cool resulting from 'Iron Man' just so eclipsed his image as an effed-up '90s icon that it seems as if he'd been on sabbatical since '2 Girls and a Guy.'

It was 'Good Night and Good Luck' that re-established Downey's foothold on the critical radar, and between selecting good roles and absolutely killing each and every one of them, Downey has been riding a high that reaches far beyond the Marvel universe, delivering memorable turns in equally memorable films like 'Zodiac,' 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,' and
'Charlie Bartlett' 'Tropic Thunder.' As a result, Downey is now one of the most famous actors alive, and I don't think Hollywood has any interest in it being any other way. ,,

Do you think the same?

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Robert and Susan

Scream Awards: VOTE Your Favorite!

  • Robert is nominated 'Best Sci-Fi Actor' and 'Best Superhero'. 
  • Gwyneth and Scarlett 'Best Sci-Fi Actress'. 
  • Mickey Rourke 'Best Sci-Fi Villain'. 
  • Don Cheadle 'Best Supporting Actor'. 
  • The "Iron Man 2" cast is nominated 'Best Ensemble'. 
  • The film is nominated 'Best Fight Scene', 'Best F/X' and 'Ultimate Scream'.

    Various: The King & Queen of Summer 2010

    Second place for Robert Downey Jr (31.3 percent) ... just behind Robert Pattinson (68.7 percent) who win the final competition becoming the King of Summer 2010.

    Source here:

    Robert Downey Jr. Talk to CelebTV About Due Date

    Iron Man 3: Will Emily Blunt play the villain?

    Source seems to be true, or something like that!

     DailyMail reports that producers are "...hoping to land British star Emily Blunt to play the villain in the next Iron Man instalment." Someone says that she would be Madame Masque. We can remember that she was the first choice to be Black Widow but she drop out leave the role to Scarlett Johansson.
     This fact plus her apparence on Captain America: The First Avenger let us think that Emily still have good relationship with Marvel Studio.

    "They are desperate to have Emily as the villain in the next Iron Man film and will continue to have Gwyneth playing Pepper, though she won’t feature in The Avengers."

    Iron Man 2: references explained by Jon Favreau (+ first review of Blu-Ray edition)

    In the Blu-Ray features, there's one of Jon Favreau explaining some easter eggs for the Avenger Initiative during an ending scene with Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark and Samuel L. Jackson aka Nick Fury.

    "Yeah, that's from "The Incredible Hulk" (news report on S.H.I.E.L.D monitor), which means it took place before "TIH". If you look you see the the crater on the other monitor, that's the "Thor" thing. That's where the hammer was recovered. This is just a geek heaven here.

    And if you think that anything on this monitors is not something we (in Marvel) didn't talk about for hours - you are crazy! And if you look on that one, see there is a map up there, so... if you look at those maps, each one of those locations corresponds to something in the Marvel Universe. I'm not supposed to say that.

    And if you look on each one, and I know what they mean, but I'm not gonna say it, but I'm gonna say this: Two of them relate to "The First Avenger: Captain America", One of them relates to "Thor", and the one in Africa relates to Black Panther."


    In that scene there's some screens where you can notice references to Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Black Panther too.

    Blu-Ray and DVD's come out on september 28... will you figure out what are references I was talking about?

    If you want to read the first impression of the Blu-Ray edition of Iron Man2:

    Iron Man 2 in DVD and Blu-Ray: New Special Feature Clips

    The first video is about Don Cheadle  who talk about his character Rhodey  and alter ego War Machine:

    Mickey Rourke in Vanko/Whiplash's house:

    Sources: SuperHeroHype and MovieWeb

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    A chance to win a copy of Iron Man 2 DVD & Blu-Ray

    Seat42f and Paramount Home Entertainment have teamed up to give ONE lucky winner a copy of IRON MAN 2 on DVD. For a chance to win all you have to do is retweet the following message on Twitter : @Seat42f is giving away a copy of #IronMan2 out on DVD & Blu-ray 9/28! RT this msg 4 a chance to win! Contest Deets Only one entry per person. Contest ends September 17th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be notified on September 20th via Twitter. Open to US and Canadian residents only. Must be 18 years or older. Must have a Twitter account.


    Robert Downey Jr. returns as billionaire Tony Stark in this thrilling sequel to the worldwide blockbuster. Now that his superhero secret has been revealed, Tony’s life is more intense than ever. Everyone wants in on the Iron Man technology, whether for power or profit…but for Ivan Vanko (“Whiplash”), it’s revenge! Tony must once again suit up and face his most dangerous enemy yet, but not without a few new allies of his own. Co-starring Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson, Iron Man 2 is a “total blast!” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)

    RETWEET THIS @Seat42f is giving away a copy of #IronMan2 out on DVD & Blu-ray 9/28! RT this msg 4 a chance to win! Contest Deets

    Iron Man 2: making the Monaco race scene

    2010 Toronto Film Festival: Zach Galifianakis Talks ‘The Hangover 2’ & Working With Robert Downey Jr.


    Sherlock Holmes 2: new details

    The Warner Bros sequel reunites Robert Downey Jr as Holmes and Jude Law as Dr Watson.
    Guy Ritchie is back as director.
    The plot is being kept under wraps, although it is known Holmes will face-off against Moriarty.
    Also making an appearance will be Holmes' brother, Mycroft.
    Rapace's role is shrouded in mystery although sources say the character may be a French Gypsy.
    It is unclear if the role is romantic in nature.
    Warners is looking to start production later this year.
    Holmes 2 is the first acting gig to come to fruition from those meetings.

    Iron Man 2 trailer for DVD & Blu Ray

    Iron Man 2: Jon Favreau talk about DJ Am

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Ladies in Sherlock Holmes 2

    Noomi Rapace, the very famous Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, has been cast in Guy Ritchie’s follow-up to his 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes. The actress, currently wowing audiences in the secon film in the Millenium trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire, will star opposite Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law who appear as Holmes and Watson respectively in the planned sequel, which will kick off shooting later in the year.

    Rachel McAdams, the female lead in the first movie, will return in the sequel, but Rapace has been confirmed as the female lead for the sequel, which will be financed by Warner Brothers. The word is that the actress will play a French Gypsy.

    Joel Silver, Susan Downey, Lionel Wigram and Dan Lin produce.

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    "Most Bang for the Buck" actors

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- As the star of the “Transformers” saga, Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to big screen explosions – but where the actor really brings the boom is in the studios’ piggy banks.
    For the second year in a row, Shia has been dubbed the star who brings the most “bang for the buck” in Hollywood, according to a new report by Forbes.
    The money mag determined the actor brings in $81 of profit to the studio for every $1 they spend on him, thanks to the success of films like “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”
    While “Crystal Skull” brought in $790 million at the box office, the “Transformers” sequel earned a whopping $833 million.
    Coming in second on the new list was big screen beauty Anne Hathaway, who turned every dollar into $64 for the studios, thanks largely to “Alice in Wonderland” and “Bride Wars.”

    Hollywood’s boy wizard, Daniel Radcliffe, found himself in third place, with a $61 return on his efforts – although he does not come cheap, Radcliffe’s “Harry Potter” films make so much money ($5.4 billion at the box office worldwide), his salary is well worth it.

    Robert Downey Jr. landed in the fourth spot on the list, bringing in $33 for every buck spent on the resurgent actor. Films including “Sherlock Holmes” and “Iron Man 2” were some of the highest grossing films of the past few years, all the while with Downey’s salary reportedly staying relatively in check.

    Rounding out the top five was leading lady Cate Blanchett, whose success in films such as “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Robin Hood” translated into a $27 profit for every dollar paid to the British beauty.
    In coming up with their list, Forbes “looked at the top 36 earners in Hollywood. To qualify, each actor had to have starred in at least three movies in the past five years that opened in more than 500 theaters.”
    They did not take into account any movies that opened after June 1, 2010 and also did not include stars who lent their voices to animated films because “the actors aren’t really the draw and they tend to take pay cuts for voice work.”

    Each film’s estimated budget, along with box office, DVD and TV earnings were taken into account, compared to each actor’s compensation for their respective works.
    Rounding out Forbes’ top 10 were Jennifer Aniston ($21), Meryl Streep ($21), Johnny Depp ($18), Nicolas Cage ($17) and Sarah Jessica Parker ($17).