Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FX Supervisor Shane Mahan On Iron Man 3 and Avengers

On How The Iron Man Suit Might Change Between Iron Man 2 And The Avengers:

" I think we need to take one film at a time. The concepts and the story and the things that go on in the minds of the Marvel brass, which are a very clever group of people, they really take their time in developing each story point out."

"So in The Avengers, in my opinion, it could be any one of Tony's suits you could put on. It's basically just trying to get him to be a part of The Avengers that is interesting. Tony Stark is the kind of guy that invents and has secret inventions all of the time. So I think the charm of his character is that he has stuff they don't even know about."

On How The Suit Might Progress In Iron Man 3:

"I really do not know. Even if I did there's a raygun pointed at my head and it will actually blow me to atoms if I were to say anything. What are the options? You've got things that might go to space. I think a space suit might be kind of interesting. I actually would go through an archive of the story points of the comic and kind of see what I want. The great thing about Marvel is that for the fans, all of the answers are in the comic books. For people who read the comics, they'll pretty much get all of the goodies in there."

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