Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Hollywood comebacks

According to Robert Downey jr is one of the good comebacks... He's at the 3rd place of the list and the blog report this:

"In retrospect, Robert Downey Jr. never really went away. His fame and cool resulting from 'Iron Man' just so eclipsed his image as an effed-up '90s icon that it seems as if he'd been on sabbatical since '2 Girls and a Guy.'

It was 'Good Night and Good Luck' that re-established Downey's foothold on the critical radar, and between selecting good roles and absolutely killing each and every one of them, Downey has been riding a high that reaches far beyond the Marvel universe, delivering memorable turns in equally memorable films like 'Zodiac,' 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,' and
'Charlie Bartlett' 'Tropic Thunder.' As a result, Downey is now one of the most famous actors alive, and I don't think Hollywood has any interest in it being any other way. ,,

Do you think the same?

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