Monday, October 18, 2010

The lovely Susan Downey

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  1. Dear Mr Robert, Congrats on birth of your son , Im sure you problably dont remember me but i met you at my work at Smiths someone said you were in the parking lot and i went outside there you were it was in 2000 when you were down and out I had heard about you before I scene you there and I could relate you have inspired me Although, you might not remember this you mention problems you were having about seeing your first son ,I remembered I thought you were a real celeberity but you dont not act as though you were better then me this impressed me , And I thought that I would pray for your recovery.You were a man worth saving, Considering my history on Utah sorry I forgot to mentions that fact, Men have pretty nuch been ablr to do whatever in this state to woman and not to much is done about it I was a victim of it since my mom married my step dad when I was 18 months , We seem to pretty much be in the last days I hope its hard to be a lady and see watch I seen and go through I been through I will continue to pray for you and your family,I hope when you get this or if you get this you will do the same the power of study and good prayers are much needed at this time for Women,Children And Eldery, And this people with disablitys .Listen Living INternal Sirvivors ,Truth. Thee,Eternal Nessity. A Fondation Im trying start to assist Adult sirvivors of early childhood sex abuse I LIving proof you come out of anything on you feet by the grace of god, and the testimony that nan has free will to do what he wants. god bless to you sir , sign Mary Magtalynn, ELOI. THank you for your spirtual support.