Monday, October 18, 2010

Sherlock Holmes 2: first look from 'Just Jared'

It was two years ago nearly to the day that we got our first look at Robert Downey Jr. in costume as Sherlock Holmes, on the set of the Guy Ritchie film that would go on to gross over half a billion dollars worldwide. Now here we are, it's time for a sequel, and once again Just Jared has the first photos from the set. Holmes and Watson (Jude Law again) seem to be off on a man-date in a carriage out in the country, and apparently the production established such a perimeter around the stars that the photos are exceedingly grainy. But hey, a little Holmes and Watson is better than none at all, am I right?
The Sherlock Holmes sequel has just gotten started filming, with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace filling in this time as the female lead, Stephen Fry as Holmes's older brother Mycroft, and best of all, Mad Men's Jared Harris as the devious, villainous Moriarty. Given how much of the first film took place on soundstages I'm not sure we can count on many more set photos, but I at least want to see what Rapace looks like in those twisted Victorian era costumes. Can someone at least make that happen?

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