Friday, January 28, 2011

Jude Law is pissed at Robert Downey Jr.’s support of Mel Gibson

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. famously became BFFs during the filming of the first Sherlock Holmes movie. The two are currently working on the sequel, and according to the Enquirer, there are some strains in the friendship. One particular string, specifically: Mel Gibson. RDJ notably refused to say anything critical about Mel Gibson over the past year of “glum c-nt” bombs and revelations about beatings. RDJ’s history with Mel is well known - back when RDJ was really drugged out, Mel gave him a job, and when RDJ first became clean for the last and final time but still found himself uninsurable, Mel once again got him work. I believe Mel always supported RDJ’s recovery and encouraged his sobriety on a personal level as well as a professional level, and RDJ still feels that he owes Mel a great debt. BUT - Jude Law thinks it’s high time that RDJ cut his ties to Mel, and that the time for honoring one’s debt to another man ends when that man is telling his girlfriend that he’s going to bury her in the rose garden.
Tensions are running high between former friends Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. during the filming of Sherlock Holmes 2 - and it’s all Mel Gibson’s fault!
RDJ has remained friends with Mel, and he’s publicly supported Mel over the last year, and “that’s not sitting well with Jude. Robert and Mel talk nearly every day, and Jude just can’t get his head around it,” said a source.
“Jude thinks what Mel did to Oksana was appalling, and he doesn’t think Hollywood should be supporting someone who’s behaved that way. In Jude’s mind, Mel’s reputation is also tarnished for his disgraceful behaviors beyond Oksana - his anti-Semitism, sexism, aggression and his drinking problem. Jude thinks he’s been given enough second chances, and it annoys him that RDJ has allegiances to him.”
Sadly, Mel has come between Robert and Jude.
“They share the same sense of humor and really enjoyed hanging out together… now they barely talk between scenes.”
[From The National Enquirer, print edition]
A few weeks ago, I saw an Entertainment Tonight exclusive, on the set with Jude and RDJ… and they didn’t seem as tight and bromantic as they once did. Is it because of Mel? Or do they just have other crap going on?
Also - I’m not saying Jude is anywhere near Mel Gibson as far being a nasty bastard, but Jude does have some crap in his past and his life that is sketchy too. I mean… Jude shouldn’t be so judgy. So RDJ won’t bail on a man who stood by him throughout the years - what’s it to Jude?

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  1. Yeah... honestly I'm not sure how it's any of Jude's business who Robert decides he wants to be/stay friends with. A man who will stop being friends with me because I won't abandon a man that refused to abandon me when everyone else did, frankly, isn't worth being my friend in the first place.

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