Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elton John Writing Biopic, Wants Robert Downey Jr. To Star

In an attempt to bring all the coolness in the world together in one epic movie, Elton John is writing a biopic (does that make it an auto-biopic?) and wants Robert Downey, Jr. to play him. And yes, we'll pause for a moment as you imagine the awesome image of RDJ sporting pink sunglasses, a sequio-ed vest and rocking out to "Daniel." Got it? You're welcome.

Anyway, John is writing the pic with Billy Elliot's writer Lee Hall. He made the announcement while chatting on BBC Radio 2, via The Guardian.

"We have a great script already by Lee Hall … It will be more of a fantasy – Moulin Rouge type of stuff. Obviously, it's not going to be your normal, run-of-the-mill film. My life's been so surreal, from buying a football club to God knows what."

No word yet regarding Downey Jr.'s thoughts on the situation, but come on, the dude sports these type of sunglasses on the red carpet anyway. Might as well do it in a movie.

Source: The Guardian,

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