Monday, February 7, 2011

Filming Sherlock Holmes 2: What a blast!

Amid clouds of flying dust and debris, one of the world's greatest detectives is blown off the steps of a cathedral ... and on to a comfy mattress.
Filming Sherlock Holmes II in Strasbourg, director Guy Ritchie watches intently as hundreds of actors, technicians and stuntmen work to create the stunning scene.
The sequel to the 2009 hit film will once again star Robert Downey Jr as the great detective and Jude Law as his trusted companion, Dr Watson, and is plainly sparing no expense, using 250 extras in period costume in the French city, together with some 220 actors and technicians.
Blast: The explosion forces the men from their seats under a banner proclaiming the 20th anniversary of Alsace-Lorraine, and causes chaos in the crowd
Force: The stuntmen crash into the extras, who flee in panic 
Terror: The explosion has lifted the men several feet into the air
Phew: But thankfully the stuntmen know they're going to have a soft landing on blue mats, after training on the set before shooting the scene
Although the plot is said to be a closely-guarded secret, it is believed it will introduce Holmes' classic nemesis, Professor Moriarty, played by Jared Hess, while Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, is played by Stephen Fry. Noomi Rapace will also star, as the female lead.
The action-packed adventure is due to be released end of this year.

But as the stuntmen fly through the air in the swirling chaos of the massive explosion, what film fans won't see is their soft landing, on a series of blue mattresses laid out on the ground in front of the historic cathedral.
While lower budget movies sometimes use coffee creamer to create explosions, and CGI technology is often used on more expensive films, Ritchie plainly wanted his drama to have a more realistic touch.

Intent: Director Guy Ritchie peers over a barrier on set during filming of the big budget movie
Stunning: The huge explosion is set against the magnificent backdrop of Strasbourg's cathedral
Historic: Director Guy Ritchie is overseeing some 220 actors and technicians, with 250 extras in the shooting of the period piece
Lavish: The film is plainly sparing no expense, with hundreds of extras and technicians in period garb


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