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RDJ and Susan (26 March 2011)

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Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan Downey arrive at Reese Witherspoon ‘s wedding March 26, 2011

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Team Downey on "The Judge" movie project

Originally writte by Dave McNary and Rachel Abrams

Warner Bros. has tapped "The King's Speech" screenwriter David Seidler to rewrite family drama "The Judge" and brought on Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey to produce via their Warner-based Team Downey banner.
Warners had already been developing "The Judge," based on Nick Schenk's original script, with David Dobkin (director and producer of "The Change-Up") attached to produce and direct.
Story centers on a big-city lawyer who returns home after the death of his mother to learn that his estranged father, a judge, is suspected of murder. He sets out to discover the truth and along the way reconnects with the family he walked away from years before.
Downey -- who's not signed to star in "The Judge" -- has wrapped on "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" and is set to topline "The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3."
Seidler is also set up to write the sports drama "Games of 1940" in partnership with writer Luca Manzi at Kennedy/Marshall Co. and Brazil-based RT Features, which is funding development.
"Games" is based on the true story story of POWs in a Nazi prison camp who staged an Olympics-style competition after the 1940 Games were canceled.
Seidler and Manzi came up with the idea for "Games of 1940" several years ago from an exhibit at a Warsaw sports museum while they were developing a German-Italian TV production about the siege of Vienna.
Producers on "Games of 1940" are Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy along with RT Features' Rodrigo Teixeira and Fernando Loureiro. Seidler's manager Jeff Aghassi is exec producing.
Seidler, who won the Oscar for original screenplay for "The King's Speech," stuttered as a child and noted during awards season that he was inspired during the war by George VI overcoming his stammer.
"The Judge" is the third Warners project for Team Downey, which was set up just more than a year ago. The other two pics at the studio are "Yucatan," an action-adventure heist pic developed by the late Steve McQueen, and a musical based on a pitch by "Next to Normal" composers Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt.
Banner is also working with Sony to develop Neil Strauss' nonfiction tome "Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life."
Dobkin's directing credits include "Fred Claus" and "Wedding Crashers."
UTA and Aghassi rep Seidler. UTA also represents RT Features.


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Gwyneth Paltrow needs Robert Downey Jr help

Gwyneth Paltrow emailed Robert Downey Jr. to get advice on how to play an addict.
The 38-year-old actress - who plays alcoholic singer Kelly Canter in new movie 'Country Strong' - sought the advice of the 'Sherlock Holmes' star, who battled addictions to drink and drugs for many years, to get into the mindset of her character.
When asked how she got into the head of her alter-ego, she explained: "I actually emailed Robert Downey Jr., who has been sober for a long time, and asked him to explain addiction to me and he wrote me the most amazing email and it really helped me understand it."
Despite never experimenting with drugs herself, Gwyneth - who is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - enjoys an alcoholic tipple every now and again.
She said: "Yeah, I do drink. I really enjoy red wine the most. But I like going to British pubs and having the odd pint of Guinness, too.
"But other than that I drink white wine and rose. And on a night out a good vodka Martini is always a good choice. So, yes, I do have a drink!"

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RDJ meets Mel Gibson for lunch?

Robert Downey Jr allegedly shared a lunch with Mel Gibson yesterday.

According to E! News, Downey Jr met the troubled actor at the In-N-Out Burger in Irvine, California.

"The outing was a mix of both [business and pleasure]," said a source. "Just a friendly lunch between friends."

Downey Jr has been one of Gibson's biggest advocates since the voicemail scandal that occurred last summer. In fact, the Iron Man actor sought a cameo appearance for Gibson in The Hangover Part II only to have the crew refuse to work with him.

Downey Jr has had his own share of scandals. The actor dealt with substance abuse problems for years and was jailed numerous times before making a full recovery. Downey Jr reportedly hopes to help Gibson make a similar sort of comeback.

Gibson recently began his court-ordered community service at a children's charity. The service stems from a plea bargain in the misdemeanour battery case in which Gibson was accused of assaulting his former lover Oksana Grigorieva.

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Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

The 2011 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, hosted by Jack Black, will be broadcast live on April 2, 2011.

Here's the nominee for RDJ:

Favorite Butt-Kicker
Steve Carell (Despicable Me); 
Jackie Chan (The Karate Kid); 
Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man 2);
Will Ferrell (Megamind)

Robert will interview Jamie Foxx this spring

Oscar-nominated actor Robert Downey Jr. will interview Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago on June 4 during the Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's annual benefit.
Foxx, who co-starred with Downey Jr. in 2009's "The Soloist" and 2010's "Due Date," will be presented with the Gene Siskel Film Center Renaissance Award. Downey Jr. received the award at the 2010 benefit.

For tickets, call 312-846-2072 or email Joel Mangers at

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RDJ and Susan at an NBA basketball game in LA

Actor Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey attend an NBA basketball game between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers, Monday, March 14, 2011, in Los Angeles. The Lakers won 97-84.

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Shane Black talks direction of Iron Man 3 and whether or not to expect more Marvel cameos!

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I'll let our eyes and ours on the ground, Krullboy, give you the scoop and come back to discuss after:

Hey Harry--
I spent the weekend at the Omaha Film Festival where Shane Black was one of the featured panelists. He spent the weekend talking about his beginnings, his screenwriting process, and his opinions on various films and scripts he has been involved with over the years. Eventually, Iron Man 3 was brought up.
Some highlights:
He is scheduled to meet with Robert Downey Jr. this week when he returns to L.A. Downey will be contributing to the story and Shane will be writing it in addition to directing.
The studio was not happy with the direction Iron Man 2 took. Iron Man 3 will not be another "two men in iron suits fighting each other" film. Instead, it will be more like a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villians.
Iron Man 3 will be made after The Avengers and will not feature any other heroes from the Marvel Universe. Marvel is only doing crossover characters to lead up to The Avengers, and once that film is released, the plan is to go back to self-containted single-character stories.
You may call me Krullboy.
One, Marvel should be commended for going with Shane Black. I'm sure Downey had a little something something to do with the move, but it's an inspired choice that, if he's allowed to thrive within the system, should result in a fantastic flick.
Two, Black writing the script as well is great news, especially if he's working in collaboration with Downey.
Thirdly, taking Iron Man in a more political thriller direction is a fantastic choice. And methinks The Mandarin would make a great international baddie, yeah? I could see Black going with a more Nolan-ish take on him... less magic and more real-world threat. And we already know that Favreau has peppered references to him into the first two films (The Ten Rings, etc).
I am a little bummed at the absolute decision to stop crossing over franchises post-Avengers. One of the great things about the books and the ability to play in the Marvel Universe is that all these different stories and characters are happening in one reality (or multiple realities if that goddamned Watcher has anything to say about it).
So, that's the latest. Can't wait to see what Black and Downey bang out!
Thanks for the update, Krullboy. Watch them fingers next time you toss that Glaive!

what about this??? Arnold Schwarzenegger and RDJ!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shane Black is confirmed for Iron Man 3!

A month after rumors appeared online suggesting that Shane Black was coming on board to write and direct Iron Man 3, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director has confirmed to fans he intends to reunite with lead star Robert Downey Jr. in the effort. Despite no official announcements of his involvement out of Marvel Studios nor Paramount Pictures, AICN reports that Black appeared at the Omaha Film Festival and answered the question as to his participation.
His answer to the fan was that he was meeting with Downey Jr. later this week and that the actor would be contributing to the story that Black has been set to write. The writer-director also confirmed that unlike last year's sequel, this third installment will have less of the superhero element and even less of two iron-clad players battling each other.
"Iron Man 3 will not be another 'two men in iron suits fighting each other' film. Instead, it will be more like a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villians."
There you have it, Maniacs. Black seems to be sure he has the job for writing and directing this third "Iron" adventure and already has a story in mind for the Marvel hero.

With Iron Man 3 set aside for a May 3, 2013 release, there's still some time for Marvel, Paramount and Black to develop the production.

Iron Man 3 without Favreau. RDJ talks

Robert Downey Jr thinks it will be weird filming Iron Man 3 without director Jon Favreau.
Having steered the first two movies to major box office success Favreau will not be returning for the third instalment of the franchise.
Downey Jr will be back to reprise the role of Tony Stark while Shane Black is currently the favourite to take over at the helm.
Speaking to MTV News the actor said: "It is weird. I think there's always a closure to everything.
"This will all come to an end one day, and I think the thing is to just really enjoy it while you have it."
And while Favreau has left the project Downey Jr admits that they are still on friendly terms.
"He's up to great stuff with 'Cowboys & Aliens' coming up," the actor said. "I just spoke with him a few weeks ago and we were quite friendly."
2011 is set to be a busy year for the actor as he has completed work on Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows - which is set to hit the big screen at Christmas.
But before Downey Jr films Iron Man 3 he will be reprising the role of Tony Stark in The Avengers - which will also star Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner.


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Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (MTV full interview)!

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

MTV News recently visited the set of the "Sherlock Holmes" sequel, which lands in theaters on December 16, 2011. There, we witnessed a tremendous amount of action and intrigue from our favorite mystery-busting pair, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, and learned a little something about how Noomi Rapace's gypsy character factors into the storyline.
"She meets Holmes in London for the first time," Rapace told us on the set. "She has a personal reason to join him and Watson on this trip and journey."
Rapace takes Rachel McAdams' place as the "Sherlock" sequel's female lead. Ritchie, who has already dealt with gypsies in his past work like "Snatch," said that he always longed to put "a gypsy princess" in one of his films.
"A gypsy princess with balls," he grinned. "That's what Noomi brings to the table."
While the erstwhile Lisbeth Salander brings a new energy to the table, not all has changed on the "Sherlock" set. Downey and Law are still running the show, interacting with one another in what they described as an acting relay race of sorts.
"It feels a bit like a relay team," Law said of his dynamic with RDJ. "He leads, then he hands the baton off to me, but it's done subconsciously."
"I also think there are two kinds of performers," said Downey, speaking of different kinds of actors. "I've heard of, and I guess I've experience the kind that are like, 'You want to play ping pong? Because I'll kick your ass!' Everything is about 'I'll do it better than you.' Whereas [Law and I] become this third thing, this brotherhood."
The day we visited was a bittersweet one for this brotherhood, as it was Law's last day of shooting. Downey joked that his co-star was "holding back a wellspring of emotion" during our interview, but Law shrugged it off: "I'm ignoring the fact [that it's my last day] because we have even more ideas now, and hopefully we're allowed to do another one."
He's not the only one hoping for a sequel, as Downey added: "We're clinging onto this thing. It's going to have claw marks when we let go of it."
As for what the future holds for the "Sherlock Holmes" franchise, it's still too early to stay without seeing how "Game of Shadows" performs. But for his part, Law has already considered new directions for the esteemed Doctor Watson.
"My aim is that by the end, I'll actually be enormously fat and blumbering around," he joked. "I'll be the big old Watson that everybody wants to see. 'Oh dear, I've just fallen over!'"

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The transcription of the speech at Oscar 2011

Jude: “We are honored to single out those wizards of technological mastery who have helped create the most spectacular films of…”
Robert: “The person whose idea of a good time is muttering to themselves about technical adjustments while you’re suspended upside down from a rig in front of a green screen for six hours.”
Jude: “Relax. Their tireless work and collaborative…”
Robert: “Like the guy who comes up to you when you’re about to take a leak and says, “I’m sorry. Can I just put sixty tracking dots on your face first? That type of guy.”
Jude: “Stop it. I’m not here to be a part of your games where you get, you know, people coming up to you at the afterparty and saying how witty you are and how charming you are.”
Robert: “Or both.”
Jude: “Shut up. It’s their moment. You know, if it wasn’t for them your closest association with a superhero would have been in 2001 when you got busted in a cheap hotel with a woman dressed as Batgirl.” ::intense stance::
Robert: “Okay, first of all, that cheap hotel room cost $1250 a night with a corporate discount, secondly it was 2000 not 2001 and most importantly she was dressed as Wonder Woman. And that attention to detail is what has won the respect of all the Academy voters, for these fine men and women.”