Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Iron Man 3 without Favreau. RDJ talks

Robert Downey Jr thinks it will be weird filming Iron Man 3 without director Jon Favreau.
Having steered the first two movies to major box office success Favreau will not be returning for the third instalment of the franchise.
Downey Jr will be back to reprise the role of Tony Stark while Shane Black is currently the favourite to take over at the helm.
Speaking to MTV News the actor said: "It is weird. I think there's always a closure to everything.
"This will all come to an end one day, and I think the thing is to just really enjoy it while you have it."
And while Favreau has left the project Downey Jr admits that they are still on friendly terms.
"He's up to great stuff with 'Cowboys & Aliens' coming up," the actor said. "I just spoke with him a few weeks ago and we were quite friendly."
2011 is set to be a busy year for the actor as he has completed work on Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows - which is set to hit the big screen at Christmas.
But before Downey Jr films Iron Man 3 he will be reprising the role of Tony Stark in The Avengers - which will also star Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner.


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