Friday, March 4, 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (MTV full interview)!

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MTV News recently visited the set of the "Sherlock Holmes" sequel, which lands in theaters on December 16, 2011. There, we witnessed a tremendous amount of action and intrigue from our favorite mystery-busting pair, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, and learned a little something about how Noomi Rapace's gypsy character factors into the storyline.
"She meets Holmes in London for the first time," Rapace told us on the set. "She has a personal reason to join him and Watson on this trip and journey."
Rapace takes Rachel McAdams' place as the "Sherlock" sequel's female lead. Ritchie, who has already dealt with gypsies in his past work like "Snatch," said that he always longed to put "a gypsy princess" in one of his films.
"A gypsy princess with balls," he grinned. "That's what Noomi brings to the table."
While the erstwhile Lisbeth Salander brings a new energy to the table, not all has changed on the "Sherlock" set. Downey and Law are still running the show, interacting with one another in what they described as an acting relay race of sorts.
"It feels a bit like a relay team," Law said of his dynamic with RDJ. "He leads, then he hands the baton off to me, but it's done subconsciously."
"I also think there are two kinds of performers," said Downey, speaking of different kinds of actors. "I've heard of, and I guess I've experience the kind that are like, 'You want to play ping pong? Because I'll kick your ass!' Everything is about 'I'll do it better than you.' Whereas [Law and I] become this third thing, this brotherhood."
The day we visited was a bittersweet one for this brotherhood, as it was Law's last day of shooting. Downey joked that his co-star was "holding back a wellspring of emotion" during our interview, but Law shrugged it off: "I'm ignoring the fact [that it's my last day] because we have even more ideas now, and hopefully we're allowed to do another one."
He's not the only one hoping for a sequel, as Downey added: "We're clinging onto this thing. It's going to have claw marks when we let go of it."
As for what the future holds for the "Sherlock Holmes" franchise, it's still too early to stay without seeing how "Game of Shadows" performs. But for his part, Law has already considered new directions for the esteemed Doctor Watson.
"My aim is that by the end, I'll actually be enormously fat and blumbering around," he joked. "I'll be the big old Watson that everybody wants to see. 'Oh dear, I've just fallen over!'"

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