Monday, June 6, 2011

Jamie Foxx and RDJ at Gene Siskel Film Center gala

Downey and Foxx sent shout-outs to Sun-Times Film Critic Roger Ebert, attending the event with wife Chaz, for supporting Foxx’s career.
I remember Ebert said when he saw you in ‘Collateral,’ he became encouraged after hearing you were going to play ‘Ray,’ ” Downey recounted. “Then when he saw ‘Ray,’ he said halfway through the film he stopped thinking about you playing Ray and started seeing Ray Charles. The thing everybody noticed was that you didn’t portray him, you channeled him.”
“I want to thank you Roger for coming out tonight,” Foxx said. “I know it’s rare to get you out, and I appreciate it.”
“I made a great friend while making ‘The Soloist,’ ” Foxx said of Downey. “It’s rare you actually hang out with someone after a movie. I’m honored to be able to share with him another brilliant moment in my life. This award means everything. I started doing stand-up here in Chicago many moons ago. And I have not yet begun to fight. I have many things in the pipeline, and I’m so grateful to the 312 for this honor.”

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