Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Robert answers some questions: The Leaked Trailer, The Avengers and Chris Evans.

When asked if he was aware of Sunday's leaked trailer, Downey answered, "Yes, I did. I'm happy it leaked and I'm happy it was taken down." The 'Iron Man' actor then went on to say, "I said this at comic-con last year - that it was an incredibly ambitious idea, and the fact that we're getting close to having completed realizing it, I have some pride about that."

When asked about his 'Captain America' co-star, Chris Evans, Downey proclaimed, "Hes really sharp, hes really fun and hes created I think just the right tone for Steve Rogers. I mean Captain America is the original gangster of the Marvel universe," Downey continued, "So I think Avengers doesn't really work unless he works, so I tip my hat to him."

And lastly, when asked how production on The Avengers was progressing, Downey revealed, "I actually think I have four days left," and jokingly continued, "So I have contributed significantly."

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