Monday, September 26, 2011

From People Magazine (Oct. 2011) Rober said...

“Ten years ago I would not have believed in the fact that I’d be able find my inner peace. But now I have thanks to my Susan. She’s my soulmate and I don’t know a more perfect woman than her.
We don’t know the sex of the baby yet but I would love a little girl. I have a teenage son and we have a great relationship but unfortunately things weren’t always like that. For a long time I did not behave like a real father. I committed too many mistakes then but this time I’m not going to.”

Robert Downey Jr. - People Magazine, October 2011

Lucky boy: Rhys Loxton meets Robert Downey Jr..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Iron's accident on the set of The Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. accidentally knocked Scarlett Johansson over while wearing his 'Iron Man' costume.
The actor was wearing his heavy superhero suit while he was waiting to film scenes with his glamorous co-star in their new movie 'The Avengers' and was fiddling with the high-tech gadgets attached to his outfit.
However, he suddenly hit the 'wrong' button which controls one of the arms and hit Scarlett - who plays Black Widow in the movie - in the face.
A source said: "Robert triggered a switch that controls one of his arms - and it suddenly jerked backward and whacked poor Scarlett. Knocked silly, she staggered backward, then lost her balance and fell off the low platform they were standing on."
Stunned crew rushed to help Scarlett get to her feet and luckily so was unharmed and saw the funny side.
The source added to National Enquirer magazine: "Robert, who couldn't help because he literally can't move in that iron suit, was beside himself - he kept apologizing and saying, Oh, my God, I'm so sorry!' But Scarlett was a good sport and smiled about the incident."


Friday, September 23, 2011

Rob on the set of Sherlock Holmes 2 (Sept 23th, 2011)

Funny-man Robert Downey Jr looks to be having a good ol’ time while back on the set of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. Photographers caught RDJ while joking around and having a laugh in London, England on Friday, September 23rd, 2011.
I could have sworn they were done shooting this highly anticipated sequel earlier this year? Could they be doing re-shoots?
The Iron Man star returns to the popular role as the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and Jude Law returns as his formidable colleague, Dr. Watson. Also spotted on location yesterday was Rachel McAdams who returns as the spicy Irene Adler.

Sherlock Holmes 2 is set to release on December 17th, 2011.


Robert is back to work on SH2 (re-shooting)

Movie fans are waiting to see Robert Downey Jr. back on the big screen Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. On Thursday, Celeb Buzz released new photos from the set of the film featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams. In these photos taken on Thursday, Downey is shown dressed up as an old Chinese man.

The scenes shot this week are to link this film to Sherlock Holmes 3.
In this second Sherlock Holmes film, Holmes and Dr. Watson, played by Jude Law, will go up against Professor Moriarty. Jared Harris has taken on the role of the villain in the film. He is best known for his role on Mad Men. In a recent interview with MTV, Harris had nothing but praise for his co-star. He said the following:

"Robert, yes. I loved him in the first movie, and I have even more respect for him now. I found him to be very generous and attentive. He wants people around him to do their best work. Sometimes you run into these things where people aren't like that, maybe they're insecure. He's not insecure about talent at all. He wants other people to raise their game. I loved it. I really enjoyed working with him. I can't say enough highly about him. I think he's very special."

Robert Downey Jr. has been quite busy in recent weeks. He has also been working on The Avengers. He will bring Tony Stark's Iron Man to that film. Fans are ready to see this film on the big screen. One fan said the following on Twitter recently about Robert Downey Jr.:

@rockmonddunbar bedroom/gun scene with you and #RDJ in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - such a great moment on film.

Sherlock Homes: A Games Of Shadows is going to be released on December 16, 2011.

All new photos from the SH2 set!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello guys!

Hello guys! Sorry if I didn't post anything from a while because I've been really busy... but now I'm back!!!
Here a photo so you can forgive me!